Global Distribution

Highly Profitable Products and Services 

ACTS provides dynamic new business opportunities and  operational involvement by organizing an extraordinary selection of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies that produce highly profitable products and services.  ACTS offers attractive  joint venture and strategic partnership opportunities and  licensing agreements aimed at positioning its robust suite of  environmentally-friendly products and services for immediate global distribution.  These collaborations create new profit channels, increase industry knowledge and build a significant competitive advantage in several targeted market sectors.

ACTS joint ventures and partnerships offer significant opportunity for individuals and existing businesses in today's world interested  in continuing their growth - both domestically and internationally.  ACTS is currently fostering partnerships with several innovative technologies and meeting the demand for products and services that will propel the Company and its partners into key markets with rapid growth potential.  

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              Pre-coated Pipe

Specialty Machinery & Equipment

Panelized Building

Hydroponic Growing

Veteran Micro-Farms