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Vision 2016

vision 2016

Environmentally Speaking

The increasing importance of environmental issues to business sustainability poses risks and offers opportunities. ACTS connects the opportunities to business challenges commonly faced by competitors. ACTS will continue to achieve sustainable business results by accelerating growth, increasing our market position, improving profitability, and enhancing our environmental profile.​ 

Please take a look at our Sustainability Initiatives and Strategies for 2016.



      • Using less energy in production processes lowers overhead and product costs.
      • Using fewer materials cuts costs, reduces waste and, emissions and helps avoid shortages or price increases for the less sustainable material.



      • Products that use minimal energy and water during their useful life cost less to own and operate than less resource-efficient alternatives.
      • Sustainability is still a differentiator, but is quickly becoming an expected part of doing business in the global economy.

Managing Risk

      • A sustainable approach reduces risks at every stage of business, with less exposure to possible materials shortages, energy price increases, higher fees for waste disposal and pollution abatement, and liability.
      • Proactively reducing the business carbon and chemical footprint now can avert or minimize negative regulatory impacts later.

Market Opportunities 

      • Businesses that can add or extend an existing product line to meet sustainability challenges have huge market opportunity.
      • Earning valued third party certification designations places products on the "short list" for businesses and government agencies that have implemented an environmentally preferable purchasing policy.