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Our Strategy


Meeting Our Goals

Our commitment to sustainability and social consciousness is not simply philosophical – it’s how we manage our business practices. We’re constantly developing ways to bring responsible programs and products to market, partly to ensure we meet our corporate sustainability goals. But more significantly, because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

ACTS has developed deep linkages between our business strategies and our corporate social consciousness. While there may be trade-offs between profitability and social or environmental goals, we focus directly on the opportunities for competitive advantage from building a social value proposition into our corporate strategy.

Our sustainability journey began in 1993 when we communicated our vision for merging business with compassion in order to financially support charitable and non-profit organizations. Thanks to collaborative efforts of ACTS team members throughout the business, we have successfully integrated cause-marketing programs aimed at financially supporting faith-based and non-profit organizations in the geographical areas we serve. To build on that significant achievement, we established a 2016 Vision with increased goals and added several new initiatives.