Core Beliefs

RMBA Message from ...R. Michael Buehler

Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Corporate responsibility and corporate profitability are not mutually exclusive at American Charities Telesis Services, Inc. (ACTS, or ACTS Telesis). We are fully committed to doing what is ethically, morally, and corporately “right” in every decision we make, both for today and for the long-term… it’s a fundamental core component of our business philosophy and our business practices.

That’s why we have deliberately linked our environmental performance to our business goals and “cause marketing” values. Our sustainability program is a formal, structured strategy for achieving sustainable business results by accelerating growth, by increasing market position, by improving profitability, and by enhancing our environmental profile.

This strategy also guides our eco-consciousness and eco-practices, and it positions us for long-term sustainability in a growing "green" global marketplace. However, preserving and strengthening our corporate reputation for industry leadership is more than a corporate policy…it’s every ACTS leadership team member’s job. And it becomes the culture by which our employees, contractors, strategic alliances, and literally every person who joins our family embrace to impact the world in the most positive fashion!

It begins with business performance, namely, delivering reliable, consistent growth, and profits. While achieving solid and consistent financial results is an utmost necessity for corporate survival and success, we believe that profitability is only one way that our performance as a responsible company is measured. To continue earning the trust of our financial partners, business partners, and other stakeholders, we strive to move beyond being a company of great results, to being a company of great values, great character, and great impact.

This means making ethical decisions in every facet of our operations so we can grow with integrity. We embrace the challenges present in the industries we serve with fierce commitment and with passionate enthusiasm…and we are producing impressive results.

Our business is based on a simple idea: "Uniting Individuals, Businesses, and Charities in Partnership all Across America", and now the entire world. We deliver on this premise by offering products, programs, and projects that are recognized as category leaders for their innovation…and we do it with a staff of professionals who are respected as industry leaders for their expertise, commitment to excellence, value-based customer service, and their philanthropic ideals.

The result is a corporate culture of unparalleled leadership, exceptional social consciousness, and irreproachable ethical standards…a culture that works every day to uphold our Company’s long-term financial health while also sustaining the long-term health of our planet and those who live alongside us.

While we are pleased with our progress, we are not satisfied, we will not rest on our accomplishments…and we are not yet done. Your interest is greatly appreciated and your support is of the highest value to us, as we navigate our business along the ongoing path of sustainability.

In His Service,
R. Michael Buehler