Pre-coated Pipe 

ACTS offers CerarMix, a revolutionary product that delivers a solid and unmatched performance in corrosion protection for oil and gas pipelines, as well as pipes exposed to extreme abrasive, erosive, fire, heat or chemical attack such as water, district heating, food processing, storage and transport pipelines and more. Pre-coated pipe systems are available for application that range from ambient to extremely high temperatures, small to very large diameters and compatible with common pipeline coatings. CerarMix pipeline products have been used by pipeline owners with proven results indicating substantial improved performance and reduced down-time.

ACTS is seeking manufacturing Partners for pipe coating operations and parts manufacturing for pipeline systems on a global basis.     

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Specialty Machinery & Equipment

​Our diverse line of industrial coating products, equipment, machinery and design expertise are the foundation of CerarMix branded and patented nanotechnology operations.

We take a consultative approach when helping our partners initiate manufacturing operations and/or resolve production issues. We embrace a true collaboration to avoid potential problems, and offer tailored solutions involving either standard or customized machinery. Plus, our engineers and technical support team work hard to ensure partner systems are performing at optimum levels, guaranteeing maximum performance and increased productivity for the highest profitability.

ACTS is seeking manufacturing and assembly Partners for industrial coatings operations on a global basis.   
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Veteran Micro-farms

ACTS Freedom Farm of America (FFA) micro-farm program is designed and dedicated to help American veterans achieve the dream of home ownership with the added-value of acquiring a career in agriculture. Our criteria provides a clear, cost-effective framework for affordable green housing projects in conjunction with vertical growing technologies suitable for any location in the country.
Veterans and their families enjoy pride of home ownership as they reside in a unique new type of neighborhood. As a member/resident of the cooperative neighborhood, they are a part of a master planned agricultural community. Instead of being built around a pool or tennis court, ACTS FFAs combine two of America's most cherished traditions: open space and village living. This cooperative micro-farm neighborhood concept features vibrant and open spaces specifically designed to reduce physical barriers to relationships between resident/members

ACTS is seeking real estate and agricultural development partners to secure land and construct housing for veteran micro-farming operations on a nationwide basis.  ACTS is also seeking partners in organic farming, architecture, engineering, building and construction trades.   More Information


Panelized Building

ACTS offers panelized building systems; a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall, floor and roof panels and to construct an energy-efficient and durable structure in less time using less labor.

ACTS panelized building systems utilizes a high-performance and durable ceramic-metallic-polymer composite skin to build wall, floor and roof panels. This new technology delivers a well-designed, energy efficient and low-maintenance structure that can be used for a variety of applications such as: urban and social housing, government and military structures, medical buildings, schools, dormitories, cafeterias and more. Structures are designed to accommodate typical 4.5" mill work for doors and windows, electrical and plumbing, HVAC and sewage systems. Structures are open space-post and beam construction and can be designed for temporary or permanent use.

ACTS is seeking manufacturing and assembly Partners for panelized building operations on a global basis.   More Information

Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics, or growing plants in a nutrient solution root medium, (soil-less) is an expanding area of         commercial food production. ACTS turn-key hydroponic growing solutions are custom designed for specific land use, geographic location and/or  climate. 

Our team of agri-experts are dedicated to  advancing protected growing environments in a year-  round growing system that produces consistent  quantity and quality of various types of organic crops.

ACTS is seeking agri-business development Partners for greenhouse and vertical hydroponic growing systems to be integrated into micro-farming operations on a global basis.     More Information

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