Global Reach

Providing Solutions

Our integrated approach means we can bring to local and foreign markets our global capabilities, expertise and joint venture and strategic partnerships that provide market driven innovative solutions for a variety of industries.

naNorth America

We are a reliable resource in the North American market for innovative and creative products for commercial, manufacturing, construction, emergency response, government, agri-business, military and more.

Currently building a large geographic footprint to allow us to cover a wide range of locations, we are proactive in our innovation approach and have the ability to collaborate intimately with our growing number of joint venture and strategic partners. In North America, we have machinery and manufacturing experts and systems that enable new line installations and modification to existing lines to support new product launches.

Our highly entrepreneurial culture and mindset allows ACTS to capitalize on opportunities involving new technologies across diverse markets on a global basis. Our integrated approach has allowed us to successfully introduce a range of innovative solutions:
    • Ceramic-metallic polymer coatings for a variety of industries
    • Panelized building solutions for government structures and urban, social and emergency housing
    • CerarMix branded composite products for oil and gas, food processing, mining, and more
    • Job creation and real estate projects specifically designed for American Veterans
    • Vertical Hydroponic growing systems

pac rimPAC Rim

ACTS serves the Asia and Pacific regions, through our China joint venture and strategic partners, we are developing a strong presence in the industrial coatings, panelized building, and ceramic composites markets.

Latin America

ACTS is building a presence in the Latin American market. Our upcoming expansion will convert facilities located in Mexico and Brazil. Through those facilities, along with our join venture, strategic and licensee partners across parts of Central and South America, we will be able to serve these markets with CerarMix branded industrial coatings, ceramic composites, and panelized building solutions for government structures, disaster relief, and social and urban housing products.